Tampa Premarital & Couples Counseling

Premarital counseling is typically structured over 8-12 weeks, with each week focused on a different topic for the purpose of building a strong relationship foundation. By working methodically through the “pillars” of a strong relationship, we help strengthen that foundation for a more fulfilling, honest, and authentic marriage. Topics include:

  1. Communication styles: how do you deal with disagreements?

  2. Past relationships: are there issues from previous relationships that may affect the present?

  3. Money issues: is one of you bringing debt to the relationship? What are your expectations surrounding money?

  4. Gender roles: do your careers and life choices challenge traditional conceptions of “breadwinner” and “homemaker”?

  5. Family dynamics: what expectations surrounding family you each bring to the relationship? How do you deal with in-laws? What are the healthy boundaries?

  6. Children: Have you talked about wanting them, or not wanting them?

  7. Religious beliefs: do you have different ideas about the role religion should play in your lives and those of your children?

  8. Mental health: are there mental health issues or trauma in your history or that of your spouse that should be discussed?

  9. Intimacy: are you set up for a healthy sexual relationship together?

Couples counseling can explore any or all of the above topics according to the needs of the relationship. As always, my goal is to support my clients and their unique challenges, working through a conflict resolution framework.