We begin with an assessment over our first 1-2 sessions, whose purpose is to identify the presenting problem(s) and any relevant history that may have affected them. It is during this time frame that a full bio-psychosocial evaluation will be conducted on an as-needed basis.


Once the assessment is complete, we develop an informal treatment plan to determine our goals for subsequent sessions. Typically we develop 1-3 realistic, time-bound goals for the coming weeks or months.


During the treatment phase of therapy, goals are addressed in steps through various modalities at your desired pace.

Over time, we conduct a reassessment to determine if services need to continue, increase, or decrease frequency, or if we need to change the approach altogether.


A typical patient experience lasts 3-6 months, reassessing as needed, as patients make their journey toward a more independent, functioning, stable life. However, it is also common to return months or years down the road if a trigger resurfaces.

Above all, my services are holistic and solution focused, utilizing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) techniques while gently guiding and challenging patients to make progress in their lives with regular check-ins to ensure a satisfactory therapy experience.