No surprises

I believe that it is important to be upfront with cost so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and that you can make the best decision for you or a loved one. 

For the initial 60-minute assessment (first appointment), I charge $100. For consecutive therapy appointments I charge $85 per 50-minute session. For individuals seeking a formal bio-psychosocial evaluation, there is an additional one-time fee of $75.

For family and couples therapy, the initial 60-minute assessment is $120, and $100 for each 50-minute follow up session.


As a fee-for-service clinician, I do not accept insurance for my counseling services. Foregoing insurance provides a more private, confidential, and flexible approach to counseling which I believe is better for patient and counselor alike.

If you would like to receive potential reimbursement for a session from your insurance company, you may be able to submit a superbill/claim form. Call your insurance company ahead of time to find out if you have “out of network” benefits for mental health services, and what the associated fees and reimbursements include. With this information, our office can create a superbill/claim form that you can submit directly to your insurance provider.