A Holistic Approach

If you or a loved one are committed to individual counseling, it makes sense to address the whole person. In fact, to make significant progress, I believe patients must address three different aspects of their lives:



Your thoughts affect your emotions and your behaviors. When you work with me, we work directly on the mind, but I also encourage you to acknowledge that you are much more than your mind, and working only on this area while neglecting others is often insufficient for change.



Meditation, yoga, running, and even hobbies like painting all engage your body in a healthy, integrated way. I encourage you to find whatever body-engaging activity makes sense for you during our time together.



Whether you are deeply religious or an avowed atheist, everyone has some form of spiritual life that can form an important touchstone in their personal progress. Whether prayer, meditation, or simply a walk in nature appeal most to you, I will encourage you to find a spiritual center in your life.